2015 Home Trends

These fabulous 2015 trends have been tweaked to today’s taste. Get familiar and don’t be scared to try some of these ideas out in your own home!

Color it up!

Sherwin-Williams say Coral Reef is 2015’s color of the year. This color may a bit over powering for some so limit to an accent wall or use the color tone in a bunch of accessories to complement another wall color such as a light yellow or pale blue.


Hardwood has been a favorite for quite some time. But have you looked at the new hardwood look-a-like? Introduce yourself to porcelain and tile products; More durability, variety of color options, and design options that will satisfy YOU. Being this is an article of trend, my research shows… darker color wood such as ebony is big, as is the natural blue-grey toned hardwood that gives a more natural look. Also, note that this is a great replacement to hardwoods in areas that have heavy traffic and exposed moisture. Trendy and practical!


First thought that comes to mind is “yuck” right? Wallpaper is making a comeback, but in a good way. You’ll find it on walls, doors, ceilings and even furniture. Expect bold prints and saturated sheets of color. You’ll see wallpaper more on accent walls that make a statement to a room. However, it will progress more and more as a whole room theme. Adding punches of color against a motif makes a room look luxurious. Shop around and see for yourself!


Brass is in, creating a rustic and industrial feel. Expect to see this more and more. This is a fun and inexpensive way to uptrend your home. Change out the hardware in the kitchen or bathroom. Or, splurge on some new accessories to add character around the joint. Have fun with it!

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