You’re right—buying real estate is a huge deal.

In fact, for 99% of people, it is the largest financial transaction of their life. So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed thinking about investing your hard-earned money, you’re not alone.

You deserve to feel empowered and confident.

And you deserve an agent you can trust to have your best financial interest at heart, and who can actually give you the home search process you deserve that is as painless as possible.

And when it comes time to write an offer, you deserve the best possible terms, and a powerful negotiator who can make it happen.

Your real estate investment is important, so we care about the numbers.

And as a Dave Ramsey Master Trained Financial Coach, I take my fiduciary responsibilities very seriously when it comes to your assets and ensuring not one dollar is left behind on the negotiation table.

It’s our job at GW Estates and Homes to get you the best possible price and terms on your investment. And with our approach, you never have to wonder what is coming next. We’re with you every step of the way.

Here’s what to expect with GW Estates and Homes:

1) Initial Phone Call

We will cover your goals, our process, and if it’s a fit, schedule your Strategic Home Search Consultation.

2) Strategic Home Search Consultation

In about 90 minutes, will cover your goals in detail, and outline our step-by-step strategy for getting you your ideal property with the best possible terms. We will also cover the specifics you need to know about focusing your search, understanding financing, legal paperwork and important market stats.
3) Next Steps

Our top priority is always keeping you informed and taken care of. Priority Two: Getting you what you really want…the best possible terms for your investment in your new property.

We start with The Grand Tour to help narrow your search, and go from there. In addition to our automated alerts, our extensive connections mean we can sometimes find unique, off-market opportunities.

With our experience, we have finely-tuned our strategies to get you from initial search to keys-in-hand—but we customize the approach to match your exact needs. These streamlined systems mean you get the result you deserve, without any of the stress you don’t need.

You deserve the best when it comes to investing your hard-earned money, period.

Successfully finding and closing on a property in our market and getting the best possible terms requires far more than simply setting you up with some automatic emails.

Over the years, GW Estates and Homes has finely-tuned our proprietary buyer strategies to get our clients the best results. Simply put, when you work with us, you never have to feel alone or lost. At every step, from working with your lender to thoroughly reviewing paperwork so you understand your investment fully, and even keeping you positive and focused in our competitive market, we are 100% focused on what actually matters to you—getting you the best possible terms for your investment with your hard-earned money.

Honestly, you deserve nothing less. This is why our clients have trusted us, with a 94% repeat and referral-based business, and why we sell 3 times more homes than the national average of Realtors®.

And as a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, I take my fiduciary responsibilities very seriously when it comes to your assets and ensuring not one dollar is left behind on the negotiation table.

Take a look at our reviews, and when you’re ready, call us for your initial consultation. We will briefly cover your goals, how we work with clients, and if it’s the right fit, next steps from there.

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