You will find the link for the rental application on the property listing page. You will be required to Docusign a copy of the application submitted upon acceptance of the application.

You will only receive verification of application at completion of application from google forms. You will only be notified when your application is up for review or we have accepted an application. Please refer back to Guidelines to read our process.

Applications are accepted until 24 hours after the open house. If we received one or more applications, the application link will be closed and not accessible.

GW Estates and Homes IS NOT the Landlord or Property Manager. GW Estates and Homes solely represents the Landlord/Owner, markets for the Landlord/Owner and gathers applications in regards to the rental property. GW Estates and Homes does not collect rents or deposits and as a tenant, you will deal directly with the Landlord or Owner.

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